PLC-Splitter-Bare Fiber
It is used for small spaces can be easily placed in a formal joint boxes and splice closure. In orde..
PLC-Splitter-Box Module
KINGTON offers a variety of cassette or box type splitter products that are connectorized and/or plu..
PLC-Splitter-FOSC adopt modified plastic with high strength and corrosion resistance, so the closure..
PLC-Splitter-LGX Box
PLC splitters are based on the Planar Waveguide Technology. They provide a cost effective and space ..
PLC-Splitter-Mini Module
Mini Module PLC splitter uses PLC & Package technology to split one wavelength into many ports, ..
PLC-Splitter-Rack Mountable
For field applications, KINGTON offers a variety of box type splitter products that are connectorize..
Used for splitter installation,safe and easy. Mainly used in cross-connect cabinet,ODF,ODF unit. ..
PLC-Splitter-Wall Box
Wall mountable Splitter Box provides a flexible fiber management system for transitioning outside pl..
PLC-Splitter-With Fan-Out
PLC splitter with fan-out is mainly used for 0.9mm optical fiber where the ribbon fiber can converte..
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