Brand: Netviel
Product Code: NVL-DB-MM2-006
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Netviel multi loose tube direct burial fiber optic cable, 6 core.


  • Multimode 50µm
  • Fiber Count up to 144
  • Strain free fibers in a stranded loose tube design
  • SZ stranding design allows for easy mid-span access and isolate fibers from installation and environmental rigors
  • Most common and widely used design
  • Complies with international (ANSI, IEEE, Belcore/Telcordia, TIA/AIA, ISO/IEC and STEL-K)
  • Suitable for access and long distance applications

Fiber Type:

  • G. 651 (Multimode Fiber)
  • G. 652 (Singlemode Fiber)
  • G. 655 (NZD Fiber for DWDM application)