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Product Code: SP-ADSS
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Supreme Cable's all dielectric self supporting aerial (ADSS) cable: single mode loose tube ADSS optical fiber. Designed to be hung from the utility poles of an optical fiber cable communications network. 


  • Single mode colour coded optical fibers 
  • Thixotropic filling gel 
  • Thermal plastic colour coded tubes  
  • Fiber reinforced plastic with polyethylene sheath 
  • Filler rods
  • Binder 
  • Polyethylene inner sheath (Optional)
  • Aramid yarns strength member
  • Rip cord
  • Polyethylene outer sheath

Main features:

  • All dielectric structure, light weight, easy installation, excellent elecctromagnetic interference resistant and suitable for operating in electrical  system or frequency lighting area.  
  • All section water swellable present reliable performance of moisture proof and water impermeable. 
  • High Young's Modulus for fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) as central strength member high breaking load.